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      "Who shot the old chief Paugus, which did the foe defeat,The Orator. "He prepared for the sacraments by meditation and retreat,"

      I don't believe that I shall recover for months from the bewilderingQuebec was not a mile distant, but they could not see it; for a ridge of broken ground intervened, called Buttes--Neveu, about six hundred paces off. The first division of troops had scarcely come up when, about six o'clock, this ridge was suddenly thronged with white uniforms. It was the battalion of Guienne, arrived at the eleventh hour from its camp by the St. Charles. Some time after there was hot firing in the rear. It came from a detachment of Bougainville's command attacking a house where some of the light infantry were posted. The assailants were repulsed, and the firing ceased. Light showers fell at intervals, besprinkling the troops as they stood patiently waiting the event.

      The earthen bank was sixty feet high. In the days of the place's glory an ingenious gardener had planted honeysuckle at the base to keep it from washing and now the tangled vines swept all the way up to their feet in a bottle green wave flecked with the foam of its pale blossoms. The scent of it was dangerously enervating to youth.

      [190] Le Roy Costebelle, 29 Septembre, 1713."I suppose he could shoot a manwith sufficient provocation," she said coolly. "Any man could I suppose ... But not like that. Not in the back!"

      The articles stipulated that the garrison should be sent to England, prisoners of war, in British ships; that all artillery, arms, munitions, and stores, both in Louisbourg and elsewhere on the Island of Cape Breton, as well as on Isle St.-Jean, now Prince Edward's Island, should be given up intact; that the gate of the Dauphin's Bastion should be delivered to the British troops at eight o'clock in the morning; and that the garrison should lay down their arms at noon. The victors, 75[491] Loudon to Pitt, 30 May, 1757. He had not learned Pitt's resignation.

      Had he known him better, he might have praised him less. William Shirley, son of the Governor of 188

      juniors and Seniors all united in amicable accord. The kitchen is huge,


      V2 which was no doubt half spent, and which, with excellent precision, hit the base of his queue, so deadening the shock that it gave him no other inconvenience than a stiff neck. Captain Hazen, of the rangers, badly wounded, was making his way towards the gate, supported by his servant, when he saw at a great distance a French officer leading a file of men across a rising ground; whereupon he stopped and told the servant to give him his gun. A volunteer named Thompson, who was near by and who tells the story, thought that he was out of his senses; but Hazen persisted, seated himself on the ground, took a long aim, fired, and brought down his man. Thompson congratulated him. "A chance shot may kill the devil," replied Hazen; and resigning himself again to the arms of his attendant, he reached the town, recovered from his wound, and lived to be a general of the Revolution. [833]


      hoptoad season opened we used to form a collection of toads and keepLouisbourg Grenadiers 241


      Cadillac sent back Chacornacle with the report of what he had done, and a description of the country written in a strain of swelling and gushing rhetoric in singular contrast with his usual sarcastic utterances. "None but enemies of the truth," his letter concludes, "are enemies of this establishment, so[Pg 29] necessary to the glory of the King, the progress of religion, and the destruction of the throne of Baal."[33]