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      "It would be impossible to make the trip just now," Pen said quickly. "If you only had somebody there to act for you."

      He consulted his watch. "Only half-past two." My luv for you shall never fale.

      "I feel trapped within walls!"

      "It is a woman, your Honor. She is present.""What for?" stammered Pen.



      "It means I'm one of the searchers for Don Counsell," he said with a chuckle. "Only place they'd never think of looking for me.""Well ... I must be getting back ... I'll come again to-morrow night."


      "Who were his friends?""Soon there was a complete bust-up of the Riever establishment. Nell sued him for divorce. She had cause enough God knows. His affairs were notorious. He set up a countersuit and produced a letter in court that Nell had written to some unnamed man. Ernest had intercepted it. Well this letter was published and I knew by internal evidence that it was ... well you know ... it had been written to me. A man hates to tell these things about himself! Poor girl! Just a foolish impulse no doubt, that she regretted as soon as she had given away to it! Anyhow the letter was thrown out and she got her divorce with thumping alimony."