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      They crossed the hall into the dining-room, and found it to be almost as small as the drawing-room. The furniture was of light oak, and the tidy sideboard glistened with silver and cut glass. There were flowers there also. There was a small morning- and smoking-room behind it, and a conservatory glowing with simple plants; no orchids anywhere.

      That which is now only the "sixth district" of greater New Orleans was then the small separate town of Carrollton. There the vast Mississippi, leaving the sugar and rice fields of St. Charles and St. John Baptist parishes and still seeking the Gulf of Mexico, turns from east to south before it sweeps northward and southeast again to give to the Creole capital its graceful surname of the "Crescent City." Mile-wide, brimful, head-on and boiling and writhing twenty fathoms deep, you could easily have seen, that afternoon, why its turfed levee had to be eighteen feet high and broad in proportion. So swollen was the flood that from any deck of a steamboat touching there one might have looked down upon the whole fair still suburb.

      We shall be delighted, dear Lord Trafford, she said. And Im sure you couldnt have given this girl a greater treat. She is always wailing and moaning for what she calls the open air. She laid her hand on Esmeraldas head as she spoke, and Trafford noticed the red-gold hair contrasted with Lady Wyndovers white paw. Perhaps her ladyship intended him to notice it.

      Varley only smiled.


      [275]She sighed heavily. Yes, it must be soon, she said. I think I shall be almost glad when it is over. I shall have done with life thendone with it forever. Take me to her; I want to speak to her. Oh, do not be afraid, she said, with a curl of her lip, as he seemed to hesitate. I have nothing but pleasant things to speak to your future bride, Lord Trafford.