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      As he had feared, he found the slaves in the act of decorating the building with garlands and green branches.After leaving the priests, La Salle went to Onondaga, where we are left to infer that he succeeded better in getting a guide than he had before done among the Senecas. Thence he made his way to a point six or seven leagues distant from Lake Erie, where he reached a branch of the Ohio, and, descending it, followed the river as far as the rapids at Louisville,or, as has been maintained, beyond [Pg 30] its confluence with the Mississippi. His men now refused to go farther, and abandoned him, escaping to the English and the Dutch; whereupon he retraced his steps alone.[18] This must have been in the winter of 1669-70, or in the following spring; unless there is an error of date in the statement of Nicolas Perrot, the famous voyageur, who says that he met him in the summer of 1670, hunting on the Ottawa with a party of Iroquois.[19]

      [14] This appears in many early grants of the Company. Thus, in a grant to Simon Le Ma?tre, Jan. 15, 1636, "que les hommes que le dit fera passer en la N. F. tourneront la dcharge de la dite Compagnie," etc., etc.See Pices sur la Tenure Seigneuriale, published by the Canadian government, passim.

      cancelled by lines drawn over it; and the following minute,[49] Nothing was known of Joliet till Shea investigated his history. Ferland, in his Notes sur les Registres de Notre-Dame de Qubec; Faillon, in his Colonie Fran?aise en Canada; and Margry, in a series of papers in the Journal Gnral de l'Instruction Publique,have thrown much new light on his life. From journals of a voyage made by him at a later period to the coast of Labrador, given in substance by Margry, he seems to have been a man of close and intelligent observation. His mathematical acquirements appear to have been very considerable.

      La Hontan, came over with the troops; but on the whole a community more free from positive heterodoxy perhaps never existed on earth. This exemption cost no bloodshed. What it did cost we may better judge hereafter.

      ** Ibid.and expressed great surprise that the Iroquois had not come, adding that they must have stopped to attack Montreal or Three Rivers. Again all was terror, and again days passed and no enemy appeared. Had the dying converts, so charitably despatched to heaven through fire, sought an unhallowed consolation in scaring the abettors of their torture with a lie? Not at all. Bating a slight exaggeration, they had told the truth. Where, then, were the Iroquois? As one small point of steel disarms the lightning of its terrors, so did the heroism of a few intrepid youths divert this storm of war and save Canada from a possible ruin.

      corporations, members of the council, judges, officials of[24] Duchesneau au Ministre, 13 Nov., 1681.


      Polycles felt the soft pressure of Myrtales youthful figure and, when he had taken leave of her at the door of the womens apartment in his house, he stood still, absorbed in thought."Then what will you have me say?" demanded Brbeuf.


      * According to Juchereau, there were seventy houses at a ruinous state. Passing that way again two years after, I


      Talon was especially anxious to establish trade between Canada and the West Indies; and, to make a beginning, he freighted the vessel he had built with salted cod, salmon, eels, pease, fish-oil, staves, and planks, and sent her thither to exchange her cargo for sugar, which she was in turn to exchange in France for goods suited for the Canadian market. *** Another favorite object with him was the fishery of seals and white porpoises for the sake of their oil; and some of the chief merchants were urged to undertake it, as well as the establishment of stationary cod-fisheries along the Lower St. Lawrence. But, with every encouragement, many years passed before this valuable industry was placed on a firm basis.