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      Flora wheeled and flared, but caught herself, musingly crossed the room, returned half-way, and with frank design resumed the stool warily vacated by the unslippered foot; whose owner was mincing on, just enough fluttered to play defiance while shifting her attack--

      Lady Wyndover stopped as if she had been shot, and stared at him aghast.

      Anna's three companions would have sprung to their feet but in some way her extended hand stayed them. A year earlier Charlie would have made sad mistakes here, but now he knew the private soldier's helplessness before the gold bars of commission, and his rage was white and dumb, as, with bursting eyes, he watched the officer pencil a blank.

      Cant say, he said, nonchalantly. She might ha been, or she might not. I dont take partickler notice of my passengers so long as theyve got their tickets all right; an if I did, he added, I shouldnt mouth about em to the first stranger as asked me questions.

      She closed the door, and stood looking at him, her face white, her lips tightly compressed.Yes, said Johnson. It must be something to do with her, or you wouldnt find Varley Howard moving at this rate. She came out with my coach six weeks ago or thereabouts. We was put up by the Dogs Ear men, and Varley saved us.

      Music: --oh! oh!"Oh, it's done, it's done! Go, tell her. Go at once, Captain Kincaid. Please go at once, won't you?... Please!"


      Trafford! she breathed.


      You have made me very happy, he said; I trust that you will soon make me happier, by telling me that you will be my wife.