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      (1.) How may gauging implements affect the division of labour?(2.) In what way do standard dimensions affect the value of machinery?(3.) Why cannot cylindrical joints be fitted by trying them together?(4.) Under what circumstances is it most important that the parts of machinery should have standard dimensions?(5.) Which sense is most acute in testing accurate dimensions?(6.) How may slight variations in dimensions be made apparent to sight?


      A pair of spring calipers will illustrate this principle. The points are always steady, because the spring acting continually in one direction compensates the loose play that may be in the screw. In a train of tooth wheels there is always more or less play between the teeth; and unless the wheels always revolve in one direction, and have some constant resistance offered to their motion, 'backlash' or irregular movement will take place; but if there is some constant and uniform resistance such as a spring would impart, a train of wheels will transmit the slightest motion throughout.

      When De Tijd sent me to Belgium as its correspondent, I had not the faintest notion practically how to perform my duties, for the simple reason that I could not apprehend at all how a modern war might be conducted. But I was destined to receive my first impressions when still on Netherland[1] territory and after my arrival at Maastricht.That night an alarm of fire, red glow, yellow and red flames, and suffocating smoke, terrified everyone.





      "What," I exclaimed, "you dare to say that the Netherlanders act with the Germans? No, shall I tell you something? The Germans have asked206 the Netherland Government for permission to place a 42 cm. gun on their territory to shell Antwerp from that side, but the Netherland Government have refused."The fog kept its secrets.


      Well, the dinner was being got ready when you sent for us, remarked the captain.