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      The grounds were large and secluded; there were plenty of spots there for lovers. They might have been far away in the country."Thank you, Major," the Federal affably replied, "that would be a great relief to this most extraordinary youngster that I've brought with me." He gave it and we turned into a lofty grove whitened with our headquarters tents.

      It is now proposed to review the standard tools of a fitting shop, noticing the general principles of their construction and especially of their operation; not by drawings nor descriptions to show what a lathe or a planing machine is, nor how some particular engineer has constructed such tools, but upon the plan explained in the introduction, presuming the reader to be familiar with the names and purposes of standard machine tools. If he has not learned this much, and does not understand the names and general objects of the several operations carried [121]on in a fitting shop, he should proceed to acquaint himself thus far before troubling himself with books of any kind.

      "Oh, I--I wish he wouldn't play cards. Smith, I've seen him play cards with the shells bursting over us!"

      "What is it now you have got?" Leona asked."Talk in an ordinary manner," she whispered; "say anything foolish--the sort of bald nonsense young men chatter in drawing-rooms. And don't forget that the Countess is watching every gesture intently."

      "No, Lieutenant, she nearly cried. Oh, I wish we were on some dangerous errand to-night, instead of just camp and bed!"


      He glanced at me suddenly, then smoothed his horse's mane, and said, gently, "That means you have declared yourself to her?"(1.) Name some of the differences between planing and slotting machines.(2.) Why should the feed motion of a slotting machine act abruptly?(3.) To what class of work are slotting machines especially adapted?




      My amazement was genuine. "For our sick soldiers!" I sighed.He came a little nearer to Arthur, walking with a hop, skip and jump, rather like a man with his feet tied together.